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Since our inception in 1964, Mountain Travel Nepal has been committed to providing trekking service which is both environmentally and socially responsible. With an increasing pressure on the mountain environment from global climate change, over-tourism, and general development, we believe that a responsible tourism approach to conducting treks is more acutely needed today than ever before.

Environmental Responsibility

In order to preserve and maintain the beautiful destinations where we operate, Mountain Travel Nepal follows the seven principles of Leave No Trace. Find out how we do this below.

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Plan ahead and prepare

  • We strive to manage your expectations and preparations by efficient and informative communication prior to your trek.
  • We carefully choose the route according to your specific needs, abilities, and wishes.
  • Our guides know the routes well and have been thoroughly trained in safety measures.
  • We keep up to date with weather forecasts and other conditions that might affect the trek.
  • Pre- and post-briefings are held for each trek to ensure your safety and satisfaction.
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Travel and camp on durable surfaces

  • Our treks follow paths and trails used by local herders, traders, and other trekkers, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to flora and fauna.
  • Camps are, when possible, located on established sites, where water is available and a small hut has been built for local herders and porters. The hut also serves as an emergency shelter.
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Dispose of waste properly

  • We minimalize waste prior to the trek by repacking food and doing all food shopping with reusable cotton bags.
  • All plastic and organic waste is collected during the trek and brought back.
  • Toilets are responsibly located and cat holes are dug for waste disposal.
  • We pick up waste found on trails or campsites and dispose of it properly to the extent possible.
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Leave what you find

  • Our staff has been trained not to take any natural objects away from the trek, and to leave campsites as clean and natural as possible.
  • We ask our guests to respect the guide if he or she tells them to follow this principle.
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Minimize campfire impacts

  • We follow all regulations and restrictions by National Park authorities regarding camp fires.
  • We locate camp fires in designated places if possible or in the area that will least affect the natural surroundings.
  • We only use dead wood for camp fires.
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Respect wildlife

  • We ask our guest not disturb any wildlife they may encounter on trek and to trek quietly.
  • By keeping groups small and private, we keep any disturbance to a minimum.
  • Our guides make sure to keep garbage and food scraps away from animals.
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Be considerate of other visitors

  • We strive to keep treks as private and secluded as possible in order to enhance our guests’ and other visitors’ experience.
  • We ask both staff and guests to keep noise disturbance to a minimum while trekking and camping.
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Social Responsibility

We firmly believe that tourism, when delivered responsibly, can have a profound and sustainable impact on local communities. By providing jobs and supporting local economies through tourism, private companies help people and their communities grow by increasing their income and in turn their opportunities for education, better health, and material security.

Indeed, Mountain Travel Nepal has proved this to be the case throughout its 55 years of service. Though started by a foreigner, Col. Jimmy Roberts, the company was built and run almost exclusively by the local people, many of whom went on to start their own trekking companies later on. With a passion for the mountains and a deep adoration and respect for the Nepali people, Col. Roberts built a legendary company, and his name is still well-known and highly respected among the people of the high Himalayas in Nepal.

Just as when Mountain Travel Nepal was established, to this day we still aim to bring responsible tourism to the most remote areas where economic development is most needed. By going to these isolated regions and villages, you are actively contributing by providing local employment and building a local economy that can sustain the livelihoods of whole communities.

Mountain Travel Nepal to this day still aims to bring responsible tourism to remote areas where economic development is most needed.

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