The Forbidden Kingdom


4,135 m /13562.8 ft

This remote and restricted region is amongst the most fascinating in all of Nepal and the Himalayas. Fierce winds and a barren landscapes await those who attempt to reach Mustang but the rewards are immense. With few tourists and the chance to observe a way of life virtually untouched
for centuries.

Shortest Possible Trek
5 Days

Typical trekking altitude
2700m – 3900m

Highest peak
Dhaulagiri I (8167m)
Annapurna I (8091m)

Good for
Seasoned trekkers,
Adventurous trekkers

Starting point
Pokhara/Jomsom (flight or helicopter)

Best season
March – November

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    Discover an Ancient Tibetan World

    To reach Mustang, you must take a short mountain flight or a helicopter from Pokhara to Jomsom. This dry region lies in the rain shadow, and is therefore an ideal destination during the monsoon months June-September.

    Windswept dessert landscapes and well-preserved Tibetan cultural heritage makes this an exciting region for any adventurer in search of exceptional experiences.

    Lower Mustang is home to the popular pilgrim destination Muktinath and many trekkers walk through here on their way around the Annapurna Circuit. Upper Mustang requires a special permit, making this hidden kingdom an exclusive cultural encounter reserved for the few.


    • Exploring Tibetan heritage villages and their monasteries
    • Taking in the windswept dessert landscape
    • Enjoying a cup of warm butter-tea with the locals
    • Encountering the Tibetan Buddhist traditions

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